Inspection by Firemen in New York

Issue 12 and Volume 55.

Inspection by Firemen in New York In describing the result of two months’ inspection work by uniformed firemen Fire Commissioner Robert Adamson has prepared some convincing figures and presented them to Chief Kenlon. Between January 26 and February 26, 104,621 inspections were made. In 84,228 cases conditions were found to be good. In 20,333 cases violations were found, and of these 12,645 were remedied at once. Unusually dangerous conditions were found to exist in 1,020 cases, and these were at once referred to the Bureau of Fire Prevention. In some cases it was found that highly inflammable material was stored in houses where dozens of families lived. In the basement of one house a barrel of linseed oil. two barrels of turpentine, two barrels of varnish, a barrel of naphtha, and many paint pots were stored. This was in a five-story tenement house. Thousands of feet of dried lumber were…

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