Issue 12 and Volume 55.

WHAT IS A FIREPROOF BUILDING? A correspondent writes that “as statements are frequently made, such as that quoted of Ex-Chief Edward F. Croker in a recent issue of your journal, ‘that there are no fireproof buildings,’ I would like to be informed if these statements are true.” The reply to this is that where only fireproof materials are employed, architects claim buildings are fireproof. On the other hand some fire engineers and others assert that there is no such thing as a fireproof structure. Where fireproof material is exclusively employed, no building can burn of itself, therefore technically considered it is without doubt fireproof. When, however, filled with inflammable materials such as furniture, fixings and goods used in the carrying on of a business it cannot any longer be strictly classed as fireproof. In European countries buildings are so constructed that it is possible to confine a fire to the…

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