Residences Burned at Rutherford, N. J.

Issue 13 and Volume 55.

Residences Burned at Rutherford, N. J. During the fierce blizzard of March 2 Rutherford, N. J., experienced one of the worst residential fires in its history. Three residences on East Newell Avenue were completely destroyed, and only by the aid of the storm which kept the roofs of the adjoining buildings wet, and the good work of the firemen, was the fire kept from becoming a disastrous conflagration of an entire square of residences. The storm had rendered the fire alarm useless, and many of the firemen could not be reached except by telephone. It was impossible to get horses to draw the apparatus until after the fire had gained great headway. A high wind fed the flames and cold and sleet combined an endurance test which was hard for the strongest to meet. The fire started in a cellar and spread rapidly through the building. The three dwellings burning…

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