Chicago Firemen Appreciate Increase

Issue 14 and Volume 55.

Chicago Firemen Appreciate Increase The Chicago City Council has increased the salaries of battalion chiefs from $2,750 to $3,000, captains from $1,815 to $2,000; lieutenants from $1,529 to $1,630, and engineers of engines from $1,518 to $1,668. All members below grade of engineer received a ten per cent increase two years ago. The Helmet Club, composed of members of the department of all grades, organized for the welfare of the department, for the betterment of their own conditions, and to work in co-operation and harmony with the city officials, etc., has sent the following letter to the mayor and members of the council. “The members of the Helmet Club take this means of showing their appreciation and extending their thanks to you for the increase in pay accorded to Battalion Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants and Engineers in the fire department rendered effective through the passage of the annual appropriation bill of…

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