Boston Protective Department Report

Issue 14 and Volume 55.

Boston Protective Department Report Superintendent Samuel Abbott, of the Boston Protective Department, in his annual report for last year, states that there were 4,926 alarms in Boston during the year and that the department responded to 21 alarms in suburban cities and towns. This inctudes all bell and still alarms. July had the largest number of alarms, 633; June the second largest. 507, and October the smallest number. 227. The most alarms were on Wednesdays and between 5 and 6 A. M. and the fewest on Sundays and between 5 and 6 P. M. Ot the 4,926 Boston fires 2.136 were without loss. The principal causes were; False and needless, 1,059; unknown, 980; matches, 562; heating and cooking apparatus, 486; grass, brush and rubbish, 482; gas, kerosene and candles, 298; incendiary, 183; careless smokers, 154; automobiles, 102; electric apparatus, 86; factory boilers, pipes, etc., 71; bonfires, 64; defective sprinkler systems,…

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