High Service System for San Antonio

Issue 14 and Volume 55.

High Service System for San Antonio Preparations for starting the work of giving San Antonio, Tex., improved high service water system are being pushed by the San Antonio Water Supply Company, a new contract between city and the company having been agreed upon. A new 24-inch well is being drilled by the company on a 12-acre tract, just north of where the Katy crosses the Salado creek, along the Benz-Englemann road. When the drillers tap the artesian basin beneath this property the company will at once place its orders for the necessary pipe which is to bring the new supply over the divide and belt the city through Laurel Heights, Beacon Hill, West End and Prospect Hill. Another line of this high service system will run south through Government Hill, along Cemetery Ridge, South Heights, and Highland Park. The high service system is designed to provide the higher pressure required…

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