Flexible Jointed Pipe For New York

Issue 14 and Volume 55.

Flexible Jointed Pipe For New York The Westinghouse Machine Company reports, the receipt of an important contract calling for the manufacture of 9,800 feet of 36-inch flexible jointed cast-iron submarine pipe, which is to be used in connection with the New York City water supply, forming a siphon under the Narrows in connection with the water supply brought from the Catskill Aqueduct and carried to Staten Island. The siphon will extend from the terminus of the pipe line from. 79th Street and Shore Road, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, to the junction of Arrieta Street and Stuyvesant Place, Staten Island. In order to lay this pipe, which will weigh approximately ’3,800 tons, it will be necessary to dig a trench across the Narrows, which, on . account of the dense traffic, will be a very, difficult job, as the specifications state that no more than 1,000 feet of channel may be obstructed…

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