Fight Fire in Zero Weather at Lewiston

Issue 14 and Volume 55.

Fight Fire in Zero Weather at Lewiston The fire department at Lewiston, Me., was forced to fight flames for six consecutive hours with the mercury below zero, when defective electric wires started a fire in a four-story wooden structure covering a ground space of 50 by 100 feet, located in the tenement section. It was early in the evening when the tenants discovered the fire, and began to pour into the street. So sudden were they apprised of the danger that no time was allowed to save any of their effects, and the fact that only small insurance was carried by any of them, makes the loss exiremely hard. The first alarm was sent in at 7:49 p. m., when the thermometer registered 27 below zero, but Chief M. J. Moriarty went at the task with desperation. Realizing the largeness of the job, the chief asked aid from Auburn, which…

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