Engineers See New Pittsburg Turbine

Issue 14 and Volume 55.

Engineers See New Pittsburg Turbine Members of the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania to the number of two hundred and ten, were guests of the Dravo-Doyle Company on a trip to inspect the new additions to the equipment of the Ross pumping station, east of Pittsburg, Pa. The company had just completed installing a De Laval steam turbine which delivers to the filtration plant between 100,000,000 and 110,000,000 gallons of water daily, constituting Pittsburgh’s entire supply. The turbine does not pump to the city’s mains direct but supplies water to the sedimentation basins of the filtration plant, where it is rendered fit for domestic uses. As the guests looked on the turbine was whirling along at the rate of 3,500 revolutions a minute. The pump runs at 350 revolutions a minute. This equipment cost about $40,000 complete. During the two or more hours of the inspection the turbine was pumping…

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