Advice Concerning Water Towers

Issue 14 and Volume 55.

Advice Concerning Water Towers The April number of “Graphite,” issued by the Joseph Dixon Crucible Company, contains a well written article by L. M. Stocking entiled “Spring Is Here,” in which he says: “No season puts its grip and its bite harder into metal than the winter. Bridges, signal apparatus, steel cars, smokestacks, iron poles, fences, gas holders, water towers, and every kind of exposed metal structure, in the clear and pitiless light of spring, reveals the terrific and merciless wear and bite and corrosion of winter’s tooth. Corrosion, unattended to, soon means a loss of strength; a structure beyond repair; a double cost for a new structure. Spring repainting is a spring resolution, as wise as it is natural. We advise the longest made (fifty years); the “longer service,” the best known, and the best made protective paint for steel, none other than Dixon’s SilicaGraphite Paint, the pigment of…

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