Warehouse Fire at Portland, Me.

Issue 14 and Volume 55.

Warehouse Fire at Portland, Me. The Galt block warehouse at Portland, Me., was partially burned one intensely cold afternoon, in one of the most spectacular fires that ever occurred in that city, with a loss estimated at $100,000. The wind was blowing 20 miles an hour and the thermometer was below zero. The water froze as soon as it struck the building. The department was called on a still alarm at 3:40 o’clock, and when Chief P. H. Flaherty arrived the fire was confined to the cellar and was not considered dangerous. The smoke was so dense as to prevent the department from getting at the flames directly. There were 40 barrels of oil in the cellar. For two hours the fire was fought in a lot of hardwood box shook and flooring to keep the fire away from the oil, when suddenly the whole building was in flames which…

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