Block Fire at East Rochester, N. Y.

Issue 19 and Volume 55.

Block Fire at East Rochester, N. Y. The worst fire in the history of East Rochester. N. Y., occurred one evening recently. Eyer block, one of the principal blocks in the city, was destroyed. It was three stories high, constructed of brick and concrete, with brick partitions. The fire started in the basement and when Chief A. E. Whittleton and the department arrived the entire basement was in flames. It quickly followed a stairway to the third floor. The building was then beyond saving. The department used 12 streams through 1 1/2-inch nozzles, and 7,000 feet of hose. The water supply of 95 pounds pressure was through a 6-inch main and 7 double hydrants 250 feet apart. The loss was $102,770. Assistance was called from Rochester, Fairport and Penfield, which assisted in saving adjoining buildings.

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