Malt Elevator Fire at Kenosha, Wis.

Issue 19 and Volume 55.

Malt Elevator Fire at Kenosha, Wis. The Pettit Malting Company plant at Kenosha, Wis., was entirely destroyed by fire recently with a loss of about $165,000. The plant, in the business section of the city, was 50×150 and 90 feet high, constructed of wood with a covering of sheet iron in 1892. Spontaneous combusion was the cause of the fire, which started in top of elevator and burned down. It commenced at 5:30 A. M., and burned twelve hours. There was a standpipe and 1,000 feet of hose on the premises. Three combination wagons had 14 hydrant streams on the fire through 6,900 feet of hose, in command of Chief H. A. Isermann. A direct pumping system of 75 pounds pressure provided an abundance of water through eight double hydrants supplied by a 10-inch main.

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