Age of Lowell Firemen

Issue 20 and Volume 55.

Age of Lowell Firemen The average age of the call and permanent, or full-paid members of the Lowell, Mass., fire department, is 45 years. There are 135 paid and 39 call men, a total of 174. The average age of the permanent men, which includes all the officers, is 44 years, and of the call force about 45 years. Taking up the permanent force, the men of Truck 2 are the oldest, the average being 57 years. Engine I is second, with an average of 53 years, and Hose II is next with an average of 51 years. The department officers, which includes the chief, district chiefs, electricians, lineman and driver, average 54 years. In the permanent force the oldest man is 70 and the youngest is 26. There is but one man who has reached 70, between 60 and 70 there are 22; 50 and 60 there are 48,…

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