Meeting of N. F. P. A. at Chicago

Issue 20 and Volume 55.

Meeting of N. F. P. A. at Chicago The eighteenth annual meeting of the National Fire Protection Association was held at Chicago May 5-7 with a large attendance. Robert D. Kohn, of New York, president of the association, presided. The name of the association was changed to American Fire Protection Association, Manager W. H. Merrill, of the association’s Chicago laboratories, said that some 40,000,000 labels were issued last year, an increase of 10,000,000 over the preceding year. He also said a “laboratory test of a sample ware is, of itself, insufficient. Sixty per cent, of the laboratories’ work is now not done at the laboratories’ plant, but through the inspectors stationed at branch offices and representatives in the field. The laboratories now have branch offices and agencies located in 80 cities outside of Chicago, and a number of special agents constantly on the road. At about 1,000 factories in about…

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