The Year’s Work in Water Filtration

Issue 22 and Volume 55.

The Year’s Work in Water Filtration The past year has been a very remarkable one for water filtration, a year in fact well holding its own with any in the history of the art. But most striking of all is the fact that while the rapid sand process of water filtration has progressed by leaps and bounds the slow sand process has remained practically at a standstill. Rapid sand filters having a total daily filtering capacity of 771,063,600 gallons have been installed during the past year, or their construction commenced. Notable among such new works are: St. Louis, Mo., capacity,..160,000,000 gals, daily Portsmouth, O., capacity 8,000,000 gals, daily Trenton, N. J., capacity.. 30,000,000 gals, daily Cleveland, O., capacity..225,000,000 gals, daily Baltimore, Md., capacity..128,000,000 gals, daily Steubenville, O., capacity 6,000,000 gals, daily Jackson, Miss., capacity.. 4.000,000 gals, daily Quincy, III., capacity…. 6,000,000 gals, daily Decatur, Ill., capacity…. 9,000,000 gals, daily In…

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