Lansing, Mich., Fire Report

Issue 22 and Volume 55.

Lansing, Mich., Fire Report Chief Hugo R. Delfs, of Lansing, Mich., in his annual report for the year ending April 30, 1914, states that there were 249 alarms, 15 of which were false, 69 still, 157 day and 77 night alarms. There was one second alarm. There Were 219 fires, 124 of them in wooden, 41 in brick and stone buildings and 54 outside of buildings. The total loss was $29,850 in property valued at $1,397,760, and insured for $672,550. The principal causes for fires were: 37 grass, rubbish, bon fires, etc.; 28 unknown, 24 chimney and 22 sparks. The principal loss was $1,965 in a dwelling and only five had a loss of over $1,000. Four times the department sent apparatus to other places. The department was in service 416 hours and 43 minutes; traveled 1,433 miles; laid 44,500 feet of hose, 10,025 feet of chemical hose; used 5,518…

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