Business Men at Filter Plant

Issue 22 and Volume 55.

Business Men at Filter Plant Members of the Business Mens’ Noonday Luncheon Club, of Joplin, Mo., visited the Blendville filtration plant of the Joplin Water Works Company one day recently when Dr. H. R. Lucas gave an explanation of filtration and various ways of filtering in vogue. One of the points brought out on the trip was that the city water is nearer free from bacteria and pure generally and, consequently, safer to drink than either spring water or well water. The chemical action of aluminum sulphate used in settling the water in the sedimentation basin, was explained by Dr. Lucas. The filter plant consists of twelve sand filters, each a separate plant in itself. The water passes through three feet of sand and six inches of gravel. The sand filters are cleaned by a reverse action of water at least once a day, or more often when the creek…

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