Issue 22 and Volume 55.

FIRE NOTES Ex-Chief Thos. F. Nevins, of Brooklyn, N. Y., was presented with a diamond studded service badge the past week. There were 54 alarms in Murphysboro, Ill., during the year ending May 12, 1914, with a loss of $21,798.24 in property valued at $94,200. The chief recommends new hose. A board for the investigation of all fire department accidents, which involve injury to firemen or damage to apparatus, is about to be created by Chief Murphy, of Philadelphia. In the list of principal fires of week published in our issue of May 20, Kansas City, Kan., is credited with a church fire with a loss of $40,000, which should have been credited to Kansas City, Mo. Boston firemen, on May 25, extinguished a fire on the twenty-third floor of the Custom House tower, which is in process of construction. They climbed 430 feet on ladders, and with chemical extinguishers…

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