Issue 24 and Volume 55.

WATER RATES The Springfield, Mass., water department is making a reclassification of all its customers with a view to reducing some of the rates ard making them more uniform. The present rates are 22 cents a 100 cubic feet for the first 5,000 feet, with a rate of five cents a 100 fer amounts over the 5,000 mark. The minimum charge is $8 a year for a single-family house and $12 for a two-family house. The minimum rate for tenement houses is $1.50 a quarter for each tenement. The minimum rate for business places is $2.50 a quarter, The California Railroad Commission has readjusted the rates of the San Jose, Cal., Water Company. The commission makes a slight increase in rates paid by the municipality and a slight decease in meter rates to householders. Monthly minimum for 4000 gallons, or less, 90 cents; between 4000 and 10,000 gallons, 20 cents;…

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