To Modernize Lexington, Ky., Fire Methods

Issue 25 and Volume 55.

To Modernize Lexington, Ky., Fire Methods Lexington, Ky., firemen object to a fireman from Louisville, Cincinnati or some other city instructing them in their duties as firemen. Commissioner of Public Salfety W. B. Hunt says that he did not intend to reflect upon the department when he introduced a motion at the regular meeting of the city commissioners asking that he be given permission to expend not more than $200 to import some expert fire fighter from a large city to teach the local men the fine points of the work. Mr. Hunt said he understood and appreciated the work done by the Lexington firemen, and that he also appreciated the fact that few members of the department had ever had any experience in “big town” fire fighting. Mr. Hunt wants to burnish up Lexington firemen a little, he said, and has no desire to show them up in a…

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