Lewiston, Me., Pumping Improvements

Issue 25 and Volume 55.

Lewiston, Me., Pumping Improvements The Lewiston, Me., city council has appropriated $20,000 for improvements to the pumping equipment in the municipal water station. Under the new arrangement double the quantity of water can be pumped. The mayor outlined the conditions at the station as follows: The present pumps were installed in 1878, and have done splendid service, but to-day are in a condition where their maximum service is the minimum of other days. They have reached the point where repairs, new parts and different arrangements are imperative. The water board finds they cannot be delayed long with safety to the city. At the time of the fire which destroyed the Provost building the demand upon the reservoir supply was so great that the pumping station was forced to work at top capacity, day and night, for a week, before it could get the stored water back to a normal point.…

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