Issue 1 and Volume 56.

METERAGE Approximately 700 new meters are to be set in Harrisburg, Pa., between now and April 1, 1915. In advocating the use of meters in Peoria, Ill., a local newspaper says: “Meters would protect the legitimate user of water against the extravagance of the hose fiend, and protect the water company against the wanton waste of its product.” The demand at Reading, Pa., for water meters has been so heavy that the bureau is several weeks behind in setting them. Since the reduction in rates by the use of meters for dwellings has become generally known the demand has grown rapidly. It is reported that every meter user in Reading converts another citizen to the meter plan and sometimes two or more. Commissioner Williams of the New York City Water Department has inaugurated a crusade against violators of the city ordinance relative to washing sidewalks and sprinkling gardens with city…

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