Issue 1 and Volume 56.

SERIOUS CONFLAGRATION IN SALEM, MASS. Dwellings, Stores and Commercial Houses in About Half the City Burned—Thousands Made Homeless—Work of Local Fire Department Supplemented by Firemen From Twenty-two Cities and Towns—Loss Approximates $5,000,000. (Special Report to “Fire and Water Engineering.”) About one-half of the city of Salem, Mass., was destroyed by fire June 25, with a loss of approximately $3,000,000. Rapid spread of fire, a strong northwest wind, wooden buildings, no rain of importance for two months, and consequent scarcity of water, buildings very dry, and the mercury at about 90 degrees are the principal causes for the conflagration, which covered a crescent shaped territory about 1 1/4 miles long and three-fourths of a mile wide. Humble homes, as well as some of the most costly mansions in the city were in the path of the fire. It destroyed homes, factorits, business blocks, churches, fire stations and almost every kind of…

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