Seagrave Test at New Haven, Conn.

Issue 1 and Volume 56.

Seagrave Test at New Haven, Conn. A Seagrave type “Q” two-stage centrifugal pumping engine built for the City of New Haven, Conn., was given a test at the City Dock at New Haven, Conn., Monday June 15, starting at 2 P. M. A majority of the members of the Connecticut Fire Chief’s Club witnessed the test. Contract requirements were 800 gallons at 100 pounds net; 750 gallons at 125 pounds net; 625 gallons at 150 pounds; 525 gallons at 175 pounds net. (National Board equirement. 375 gallons at 200 pounds). Water was drafted 9 ft. to 7 ft. tidewater. The first test lasted one and one-half hours. The layout was two lines of 2 1/2-inch hose, one hundred feet each into deluge set and 1 3/4-inch nozzle. The average pressure was 137 pounds net and average discharge 813 gallons. The second test was for 30 minutes. The layout was one…

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