Cotton Shed Fire at Galveston, Tex.

Issue 1 and Volume 56.

Cotton Shed Fire at Galveston, Tex. One life and 11,000 bales of cotton were lost in a fire that destroyed the west warehouse of the Merchants and Planters Compress and Warehouse Company at Galveston, Tex., on May 16. The life lost was that of an unidentified man, presumably a laborer, who ventured too close to the fire, and was caught by a falling wall. The property was owned for the most part by the compress and warehouse company, and was valued at $900,000. The origin of the fire is supposed to be incendiary. When discovered by a watchman, it had gained a considerable headway. By the time a general alarm could summon every piece of fire apparatus in the. city, the entire warehouse block was a mass of flames For months cotton had been accumulating in the sheds, which covered an entire square, were one-story high, and built of brick…

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