The Ganz-Air System

Issue 2 and Volume 56.

The Ganz-Air System The Ganz-Air system for furnishing air for breathing for firemen when in smoke-filled enclosures, of whicn John M. Ganzer. captain of First Aid Corps, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., is inventor has been tested before chiefs. It consists of a mask or false face, weight less than 1/2 pound, which can be put on in. 3 seconds. Hose from the mask back to the apparatus and connected to a reserve tank, tank providing a reserve supply and equalizer; pump run by the motor on apparatus and furnishing air as long as needed, and pumps air into the tank. The mask has automatic valves controlling the pressure making breathing easy. The mask has telephone set inside connected to wires coming in through the hose irom apparatus and keeps driver in communication with pipeman at all times. Lines can be run from each apparatus to a central switchboard on the chief’s…

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