Issue 2 and Volume 56.

THE CONFLAGRATION AT SALEM. The report of the conflagration at Salem, Mass., printed in another part of this issue, was prepared by a special representative sent by FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING to study the extent and progress of the fire and it contains much original material of value to chief engineers and others professionally interested in fire prevention and extinguishment. It is, in short, a detailed account, (from the fireman’s standpoint, of the main and contributing causes that occasioned a conflagration so extensive and so disastrous to property. In the issue of last week the loss was placed by us at approximately $5,000,000, but now the insurance men compute it at $12,000,000, including the losses already adjusted. In the midst of so many frame structures, where the fire was fiercest, the saving of the Electric Power Station building is a striking endorsement of the arguments of those who are urging…

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