No More Three Deck Buildings in Salem

Issue 6 and Volume 56.

No More Three Deck Buildings in Salem The three-deck wooden dwelling in the Salem, Mass., fire zone got a death blow July 30 by the rebuilding commission. The question is one that has been energetically discussed ever since the fire and hundreds of permits have been asked for the erection of structures of this nature. In its report the commission makes it clear that it intends to minimize the chances of another big fire in Salem. All dwelling houses for more than two families of more than stories high, must be built with “self-sustaining non-combustible” walls —which means either brick or concrete. Wooden walls with stucco are barred by this ruling. One and two-family houses may be buillt of wood, with fire-proof roofs, gutters and cornices and in the ceilings of all cellars plaster or other fire-proof material is demanded. No dwelling house in the fire zone may be more…

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