New Oil Fire Extinguishing Method

Issue 6 and Volume 56.

New Oil Fire Extinguishing Method A new device for extinguishing fires in oil tanks was demonstrated at the Standard Oil works in Bayonne, N. J., July 23. A tank was nearly filled with water, above which was a layer of Mexican crude oil five inches deep, and above this two buckets of gasoline were suspended to facilitate ignition. When ignited the oil began to blaze and flames were shooting up about ten feet when, from four upright sheet iron tubes at the side of the tank, streams of a white fluid poured out and in nine seconds the flames had disappeared. The oil in the tank, it was said, would have burned about thirty minutes had it not been for the extinguisher. A second experiment on a smaller, open-top tank was tried later. This time gasoline alone was used, a gallon of the fluid being poured over the water in…

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