Issue 7 and Volume 56.

FILTRATION The Erie Railroad is building a water softening plant at its shops at Huntington, Ind. A bond election is to be held at Fayette, Ida., to vote on the question of issuing bonds to build a filtration plant. Although the official opening of the filtration plant at Evanston, Ill., is not to take place until September 15, the plant may be placed in operation any date. The analysis of the water of the spring from which Huntsville, Ala., secures its entire supply, has been made by the state bacteriologist, Dr. Moss, whose report shows the water is pure. Palatka, Fla., has been softening its water for several months. The water softening plant has a daily capacity of nearly 1,000,000 gallons. An increase in the capacity of the plant is under consideration. The St. Paul, Minn., water board has authorized Superintendent Garrett O. House, to purchase a purification plant in…

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