Gasoline Explosion at Oneonta

Issue 7 and Volume 56.

Gasoline Explosion at Oneonta As a result of a gasoline explosion at Oneonta. N. Y., at 7:15 p. m. May 30. two women lost their lives and several others were injured. The proprietor of a garage and his machinist opened a 55-gallon iron gasoline tank in a small court which separates the garage from the Hathaway Hotel, and when the plug was unscrewed, gasoline, under great pressure, scattered in fine spray through the atmosphere and into the hotel kitchen, some 20 feet from the tank, where it was exploded bv the heat of the kitchen stove. Mrs. Carrie Lothrop, an employee of the hotel, was alone in the kitchen. Mrs. Easton, who was in another room, heard Mrs. Lothrop’s cry and started to go to the kitchen, but was held back for a minute or so by another employee, and then rushed into the kitchen where Mrs. Lothrop was enveloped…

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