Fire Fighting Motor Cycle

Issue 7 and Volume 56.

Fire Fighting Motor Cycle The accompanying illustration shows a late type of a fire fighting motor cycle. This machine, equipped with an efficient, small and easily operated hand extinguisher, can reach a fire some minutes before heavier apparatus and do excellent work, perhaps averting considerable loss. The machine is the regular, twin cylinder, chain driven, 7 horsepower cycle. It has annular ball bearings with valves, mechanically operated and adjustable tappet. The curbureter has an auxiliary air valve for high speed and special air shutter to facilitate easy starting. The control is by leverless, double handle-bar device, making it unnecessary for the operator to remove his hand from the handle-bar while riding. The saddle position is low and all working joints are covered with oil and dust-proof leather jacketc. The wheels are 28 inch with 36 extra heavy motor spokes, front and rear, and single clinch auto steel rims for 2½…

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