Water Conditions in Various Cities

Issue 7 and Volume 56.

Water Conditions in Various Cities Supplementary reports issued by the National Board of Fire Underwriters contain the following reports on water conditions in various cities and in actions taking on recommendations made by the Board: Atlantic City, N. J. Work upon a new 48-inch force main, to take the place of the present 30-inch main, will be completed by August. It connects with the 20and 30-inch just south of the Beach Thoroughfare crossing. The 24and 20-inch main artery has been laid in Arctic avenue, together with 12 cross-feeders between New York and Connecticut avenues, south to Pacific avenue. No steps have been taken towards installing the badly needed 12-inch mains from Pacific avenue to strengthen the system along the Boardwalk. Many cross-connections between the two former systems of distribution have been installed, following the general scheme recommended. At the supply works the air-lift system is gradually being replaced by direct…

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