New North Adams Reservoir

Issue 7 and Volume 56.

New North Adams Reservoir While the specifications for the new reservoir at North Adams, Mass., for which the contract has now been awarded, do not call for completion until June 1, 1915, it is expected that the work will be completed by January 1, a representative of the successful bidder, the Middlesex Contracting Company, having stated that concern is in a position to complete it by that time and a contract to that effect may be signed. When the reservoir is completed and in use, the city will have a reservoir supply of nearly 300,000,000 gallons. This will afford ample water for domestic, manufacturing and fire-fighting purposes. The uneasiness that has been felt in the city during the summer months of the past two or three years will thus be removed. Much of the work of planning the new reservoir and the new distributing system was done by Frank B.…

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