Hoboken Fire Report

Issue 7 and Volume 56.

Hoboken Fire Report Chief M. A. Dunn, of Hoboken, N. J., in his annual report for the year ending May 1, 1914, states that there were 282 alarms of which 16 were false, 8 second, and one general alarm. There were 120 fires in brick and 83 in wooden buildings, and 71 outside of buildings. Six extended to adjoining buildings and one beyond adjoining buildings. The total loss was $41,260.71 in property valued at $1,410,660, which was insured for $1,202,750. Insurance paid for fire and water damage, $37,980.71. Damage to uninsured property, $3,280. The department is governed by a board of five commissioners and consists of six engines, one chemical engine and two ladder companies, operated by 98 full paid men. The apparatus in service consists of 5 engines, 5 chemical engines, 5 hose wagons and 3 aerial trucks, all horse drawn, and one chief’s motor car. The chief’s recommendations…

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