Fire Department Report of Lowell

Issue 8 and Volume 56.

Fire Department Report of Lowell The Lowell, Mass:, Fire Department report for the year 1913, states that the whole number of alarms Was 882. Two hundred and thirty-two were given from signal boxes, 301 telephones. 169 stills, 22 automatics, 10 exposures, and 148 reported, fires. The “noschool” signal was given 16. times. There were 418 fires extinguished by chemicals alone and 163 where water was used. The remaining number were extinguished by other means or had been put out before the arrival of the department. Ninety were in. brick or stone buildings. 388 in frame buildings and 250 other than building fires. The reported fires were mostly in frame buildings: The apparatus consists at present of. six engines, nine 2horse hose wagons, one Babcock and one LaFrance Aerial truck and two trucks of other patterns, two chemical engines, one Hale water tower, one auto patrol wagon, three auto combination hose…

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