Wilmington May Build New Reservoir

Issue 8 and Volume 56.

Wilmington May Build New Reservoir The Wilmington Del., Board of Water Commissioners has, through its president, Alfred D. Poole, asked for a conference with the members of the city council on the city’s need for increased reservoir capacity. The Board desires to build an additional reservoir on the Weldin farm, adjoining the Porter reservoir, and with the same capacity, which is 32,000,000 gallons. The ground is available, having been left vacant when the Porter reservoir was built, for such an addition as is now contemplated. In order to do the work funds would have to be provided through a bond issue, and as this could not be done without authority from the Legislature, it is considered desirable to ask for this authority at the next session as otherwise nothing could be done for two years. According to President Poole the daily consumption of water in Wilmington is about 12,000,000 gallons…

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