Situation in Tire Industry

Issue 9 and Volume 56.

Situation in Tire Industry The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has issued a letter on the effect European and maritime conditions will have on the automobile tire industry, in which the company says: “The United States produces no crude rubber, all of this material being imported. At the commencement of the European war, mediums for transmitting payment to Europe and other markets were immediately disturbed. In addition to this, it was impossible to secure ships in which to transport rubber from the foreign markets to the United States. In the face of this condition, such crude rubber as was on hand in the United States immediately suffered a rapid increase in price. Just before war was declared, crude rubber was selling around 50 cents in the New York market. A few days after the war began. New York rubber had gone up to $1.08 per pound and even reached a…

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