Death of Charles G. Braxmar

Issue 10 and Volume 56.

Death of Charles G. Braxmar Charles G. Braxmar, head of the C. G. Braxmar Co,. Inc., of New York, makers of badges and emblems, died on August 20 as the result of painful burns and shock that affected his heart, which he received in an explosion of gas at his home, 256 W. 132nd street, on the evening of August 15. Mr. Braxmar was trying to locate a gas leak with a lighted match when the explosion occurred, knocking him down and setting his clothes afire. He was rescued by firemen and although suffering frightfully from burns about the neck and back, he displayed most unusual nerve and walked out to the ambulance. He was rushed to a hospital, where, though every effort was made to save him, he gradually grew’ worse and death finally came to relieve his sufferings. Mr. Braxmar was one of the most popular and prominent…

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