Issue 10 and Volume 56.

WATER SYSTEM OF LONDON, CANADA In their thirty-fifth annual report the Water Commissioners of the city of London, Ont., Can., state that 708 new services were installed last year which is the largest number ever installed in one year and that the services now total 13,978. The report says that the existence of the artesian well pumping plant in the city enabled the department to clean the large Springbank reservoir in October, 1913. This had not been done for twentveight years and about a foot of silt was found at the bottom. This was removed by covering with water and using large scrapers each of which was pulled by three or four men to an outlet at one corner which is connected down the hillside to the river. The bottom was finally flushed and brushed with brooms of the type used in stables. A new departure by the department was…

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