New School Building Rules in New York

Issue 10 and Volume 56.

New School Building Rules in New York The new public school building rules of New York City, which have been approved of by the fire department are as follows: A means shall be devised of transmitting signals for dismissal for use in the event of signal bells or gongs being out of order. The signals used for dismissals shall be uniform in all schools throughout the city. Cards bearing rapid-dismissal instructions shall be placed near the sidcdoors of all rooms used by pupils for study or instruction. The janitor shall send in an alarm from the nearest street signal box as soon as the building has been vacated. All stairways, landings, and passageways leading thereto shall be kept free from anything that blocks or narrows the exits. All gates shall open out clear, shall be provided with locks, and kept open and locked back during school hours. No clothing shall…

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