Issue 10 and Volume 56.

TABLE OF CONTENTS The New England Water Works Association145 The Holyoke Water Works. (Illustrated)146 High Pressure System in Boston. (Illustrated)147 The St. Louis Filtration Plant. By Commissioner Edward K. Wall. (Illustrated)149 Report on improvement of Lowell Water Supply. (Illustrated)156 Chelsea Water Facilities158 Water Consumption in Springfield Reduced by Meters158 Report on Trenton Fire Department160 Georgia Chiefs and the Convention of Chiefs160 New York Fire College Course of Instruction162 Lumber Yard Fire at Rib Lake.162 Water Works from Fire and Insurance Standpoints.164 By Joseph B. Rider, C.E.164 Water System of London, Canada.167 Meterage in Three Hundred Cities.169 Conflagration at De Graff. (Illustrated).170 Texas Fires and Their Causes.170 Ruhr Valley System of Reservoirs.169 The New England Water Works Association. (Editorial)154 History of Youngstown Fire Department.152 Convention of Connecticut State Firemen.171 Connecticut Chiefs’ Club Meeting..171 Report on Fund for Salem Firemen.152 Death of Charles’ G. Braxmar.152 For a Simplified Building Inspection (Editorial).154 Chief…

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