Issue 10 and Volume 56.

WATER WORKS FROM FIRE AND INSURANCE STANDPOINTS Direct Pumping and Fire Engine Use. Example No. 1.—Let us assume that we have a normal pressure of 60 pounds per square inch at the 8-inch end of the above (see under Table G) compound conduit or cast iron pipe line (corner of Wilson and East avenues. Sketch No. 1) the equivalent length of which was found to be 93,050 feet of 16-inch = 93.05 thousand feet. Let us also assume that our fire riWsks require that we will have to use at the end of the line five average fire streams of 200 gallons per minute each, or a total of 1,000 gallons per minute; what will be the drop in pressure from the normal to working pressure when said 1,000 gallons per minute is being discharged from hydrants at the end of the line? For simplicity in this example we will…

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