Water Supply at Rochester

Issue 10 and Volume 56.

Water Supply at Rochester For a number of days recently the demand for water in Rochester, N. Y.. equaled the actual supply coming through the conduits from Hemlock Lake, and on one or two very hot days the demand exceeded this supply and there was a slight drain on the reserve supply in Cobb’s Hill reservoir. Approximately. 23,000.000 gallons is the maximum consumption estimated in normally hot weather, and that was, approximately, the supply delivered by the two old conduits. Several years ago city officials anticipating present conditions, when the demand would reach the supply, planned the third conduit front the lake to the city. An extra supply was planned by connecting with Canadice Lake and at the same time the capacity of Hemlock Lake was increased by the erection of a six-foot dyke at the foot of the lake that acted as a dam to retain the water that…

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