Chemical Plant Burned at Aurora

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Chemical Plant Burned at Aurora The chemical plant of W. F. Jobbins, at Aurora, Ill., was destroyed by fire at 10.15 a. m. August 23. The plant was outside of the city limits and consisted of five brick buildings, two stories high, covering about four acres. The fire started from an unknown cause and burned for three days. Forty people were employed. The Button steam fire engine, drafting from a river, played two streams on the fire for two days. The contents of the buildings were principally sulphuric acid and glycerine. Explosions threw many tanks into the air, and in all directions several hundred feet. There were hundreds of these tanks filled with glycerine in storehouses awaiting shipment. The watchman lost his head, and instead of opening a steam valve to smother the fire and prevent explosions, he ran from the building and did not even blow the whistle to…

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