Oklahoma Oil Fires

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Oklahoma Oil Fires The total loss by oil fires in the Healdton oil district of Oklahoma during the week ending August 31 will amount to over $500,000. The following list shows the principal losses: Magnolia Pipeline Company, three 55,000-barrel steel tanks, two full and the third half full; the fourth tank was finally saved after heroic efforts and three of the 55,000 tanks were not damaged; Twin State Company, one 55,000 tank, half full; Corsicana Petroleum Company, one 55,000 tank, full; Gunsberg & Forman, one 1,600 tank, half full; Crosbie & Davis, two 1,500 tanks, full, and one derrick; Red River Company, four 1,600 tanks, full; Rex Company, four 1,600 tanks, three earthen tanks, and other wooden and earthen tanks with 75,000 barrels of oil; Herndstadt, five 1,600 tanks and two earthen tanks with 60,000 barrels of oil; Mutual Benefit Company, two 1,600 tanks, full; Dundee Company, two 1,600 tanks,…

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