Report On Charleston Fire Conditions

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Report On Charleston Fire Conditions The National Board of Fire Underwriters has just issued a report on the fire conditions of Charleston, W. Va., and referring to its fire department, is says: The population of the city is 27,700. Part full paid and part call, under supervision of a single commissioner; financial support inadequate. Members under civil service regulations. Discipline and training fair. Companies insufficient in number, undermanned, and lacking in minor equipment. Chemical protection weak and facilities for handling heavy streams insufficient. Hose supply deficient and no 3-inch hose provided; not tested and some in poor condition. Fire methods fair for ordinary fires; no salvage work done, Inspections of buildings of some value. The total fire loss for the past five years, as shown in the fire department records, amounted to $285,083. varying from $15,535 in 1012 to $120,164 in 1913. The annual number of fires varied between 127…

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