Business Buildings Destroyed by Fire at Boise

Issue 11 and Volume 56.

Business Buildings Destroyed by Fire at Boise One of the most disastrous fires that has visited the business district of Boise, Idaho, in several years occurred at 9.30 p. m., July 10, the two-story building occupied by Mitchell, Lewis & Staver’s plumbing and hardware plant and the building adjoining it, entailing a complete destruction of their contents. The total loss is estimated at $54,000. The origin of the fire is unknown. Almost as soon as it was discovered the fire enveloped the entire roof of the building. The firemen could do little except confine the fire to the already burning buildings. When they first arrived with the apparatus the high pressure was not on and they were considerably ‘handicapped in the beginning. The water company stated the gong at the pumping station did hot ring. A brisk breeze from the northwest fanned the flames and created a draft, making the…

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