Issue 11 and Volume 56.

FILTRATION The Indiana University is equipping its water works with a filtration plant. The water of the first Tumbling Run dam, Pdttsville, Pa., is being purified by chemical process. The Monroe Water Company is having water from various houses in Williamstown, N. J. analyzed. The eastern section of Wyomissing, Pa., is to have filtered water, the’ West Reading Water Company having a filtration plant in course of construction along the Schuylkill River in West Reading. The Water Department at Ottawa, Kans., recently purchased equipment for testing the water, tests to be made regularly. Samples of water will also be sent to the Kansas University for special tests. Superintendent W. O. Myers will conduct the tests at Ottawa. A sample of water from a new well at Fontanelle, Ill., was sent to the medical department of the State University for analysis and the report showed that it contained impurities due, it…

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